Limb Donation Guidelines

Penta accepts the donation of:

Lower-limb prosthetic and orthotic devices:
In gently used condition or used for no more than 3-5 years.
Contain no broken or rusted components, especially pertaining to feet and/or knees.
If a donation contains a broken part that you cannot remove, please mark or identify the broken part before donating.


If possible, please remove the socket as this part cannot be repurposed. However, if removing the socket is not possible, please donate the device as is because we do not want this to prevent you from donating other valuable and life-changing components.
PLEASE DO NOT DONATE STANDALONE SOCKETS! We are currently seeking ways to recycle these materials and may accept standalone sockets in the future.

Prosthetic limb accessories:

We also welcome donations of NEW supplies and accessories for prosthetic devices such as prosthetic socks, liners, sleeves, gels, and creams. Please DO NOT donate any of these items if they are used.
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Become an International Partner

Penta Medical Recycling is only as strong as the partners that we work with. Penta works with both US based and international organizations. Internationally, Penta seeks out organizations that have the capability to fit amputees with Penta donated prosthetic limbs for little to no cost, while domestically Penta seeks out organizations that can help facilitate the collection and donation of limbs.

Penta's Partner Expectations

Penta expects that its international implementation partners are:

  • Capable of providing prosthetic limb fittings for free or extremely low cost to patients
  • Have a proven track record of helping amputees in an honorable and reputable manner
  • Have clean and well-maintained facilities through which to provide care
  • Employ trained and certified prosthetists and technicians to provide care to patients
  • Willing to provide patient information of amputees that have been fitted with devices donated by Penta Medical Recycling
  • Willing to allow consistent audit of prosthetic device supply to ensure that donated devices are available and are being used fairly
  • Agree to not resell or give any donated components to groups or individuals not working with Penta Medical Recycling or the black-market
How the Relationship Works

1. Penta and prospective partners lay out a proposal for collaboration and arrange a trial shipment. This allows us to test the logistical viability of the relationship and give the partner a sample of donated components.

2. After a successful trial, Penta and the partner organization finalize the details of their relationship and sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU) that defines the scope of work.

3. Penta and the partner can then begin their long-term relationship. Penta provides regular donations of prosthetic limbs, as requested by prosthetists through our Inventory Request System. Our partners provide us with patient information on everyone who receives a limb through Penta, along with logistical reimbursement.

We are always looking for new ways to efficiently deliver mobility around the world. Get in touch with us if you are interested in collaborating to advance this mission. 

Volunteer Opportunities

Interested in volunteering with Penta? Here are several ways you can get involved:

  • Join us for limb disassembly and packing days at our NYC warehouse – check our website for updates and events
  • Organize a limb drive
  • Host a fundraiser
  • Help translate and assist with beneficiary communication
  • Call clinics to collect equipment donations
  • Check our VolunteerMatch page for current opportunities

Have special skills you want to contribute or ideas for how to help?
Email us to discuss how you’d like to get involved!

Become a Global Mobility Ambassador

The Global Mobility Ambassador program is a network of energized and passionate individuals that help spread awareness about Penta’s mission and continue to help the amputee community. This group is made up of diverse individuals representing different interests, abilities, sports, and geographic locations to better engage and represent the global amputee community at large.  

Do you wish to become a Global Mobility Ambassador? 

Contact penta@pentaprosthetics.org to learn how!

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