What does Penta do?

We collect used, discarded, and unsold prosthetics and orthotics from across the US and ship the components to our partners around the world to help those who couldn’t otherwise afford the care. 

Where does Penta send equipment?

We have sent equipment to 30+ partners in 20+ countries around the world! Click here to see a map of where we send equipment or check the Partnering with Penta FAQ section to learn more about these organizations. 

How does Penta send equipment?

We work with large global shipping and logistics companies as well as nonprofit organizations with valuable networks in the regions in which we work. This helps us deliver mobility-restoring equipment in the most efficient and cost-effective method possible for us and our partners.

What does Penta collect?

We collect all lower extremity prosthetic devices and accompanying accessories. This includes AKA and BKA prostheses, unused and lightly used liners, sleeves, prosthetic socks, unused creams, lotions, and soaps, tools, carrying cases, and stands. If sockets are connected to the prosthetic device – don’t worry, we can take that apart! 

We also collect standard and off-the-shelf/prefabricated orthotics (e.g. AFOs)!

How are people fitted with our devices?

Penta does not fit prosthetic limbs or provide P&O services directly to patients.  We act as the channel between waste and necessity, connecting the valuable and untapped resource of used components to those in need through trained professionals who operate their own clinics, hospitals, and organizations.

I want to volunteer! How do I get involved?

Amazing – we love working with volunteers! Please click here to learn more about how you can get involved with our mission.

How do I donate?

Click here to generate your own pre-paid UPS shipping label. Simply package your items, and drop them off at your nearest UPS Center.

What kind of devices can I donate?

Almost anything related to your prostheses! But please click here and read our guidelines before shipping…just to be sure!

Can I donate the socket? Accessories?

If you are able to remove your socket from your limb, please do so before shipping it to us. We are working on ways to recycle sockets (stay tuned!), but for now they take up precious space in our warehouse and in the box you are sending us. If you cannot remove sockets, please make the contribution anyway and we will remove it. 

Where will my limb go?

When Penta receives your donated limb at our warehouse, we disassemble it into its many components. This means your limb could go on to help several people all around the world! We track each component you send – get in touch with us and we can let you know when and where it gets sent!

Can I get a tax deduction for my donation?

Penta will provide a donation receipt for limbs if requested by a limb donor, but we are not able to estimate the monetary value of the contribution. We can include any self-reported value on the receipt, which you may use to consult your tax advisor on obtaining a deduction.

What kind of organizations does Penta provide limbs to?

Penta works with US-based and international organizations. In our countries of operation, we seek out groups – whether small clinics or major hospitals – that have the capacity and professionals needed to fit Penta-donated prosthetic limbs. Penta works only with on-the-ground organizations providing cost free-of-charge or with a symbolic contribution from the patient. In the US, Penta is always seeking collaborative partnerships with organizations that can expand our reach. 

How can I request prosthetics from Penta?

Please reach out to us at penta@pentaprosthetics.org.

We are always happy to connect and discuss ways we can partner with your clinic or organization!

Can organizations that receive donated prosthetic limbs from Penta re-sell these devices?

No – Penta expects organizations to fit amputees for little to no cost and to not sell the devices we send. Our mission is to help those who couldn’t otherwise afford or access care.

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